About Us

The way we work is constantly evolving. Now more than ever, the workplace has become more collaborative, open and in some cases remote. This presents a unique challenge in regards to IT and technology services—fortunately, ZDN has your back.

Connecting People

Founded in 2018, we are fluent in today’s latest and greatest technology, and the needs of every type of dynamic work environment. Together, our growing team provides technology solutions and project consulting to resolve your toughest hurtles, and to keep you connected to your people and your work.


We offer both Managed and Consulting Services.

Our Consulting Services include:

Our Managed Services include:

Our Process

Every workplace presents its own unique IT and technology challenges—and that’s why our process is so important.

We meet with every client in person to learn firsthand about your problem. From our initial discussion, we will work together to determine your current and potential needs. Then, we will draft numerous solutions, giving you an à la carte experience!

From there, you can select the options and services that are right for your needs and your budget.

Consulting is Our Business

Our team is dedicated to finding a solution for any issue you may have. We aim to consult our customers, ultimately helping them understand that technology is a business investment, not just a cost center.

Want to learn more? No problem. Contact us for additional information and to schedule your initial consultation.